Simi Moala Returns for Another Season

Old Glory has announced the re-signing of center Simi Moala. The 29-year-old Tongan made his professional debut last season, appearing in 4 matches for Old Glory. He joins a crowded position, with six other centers announced for 2022.

Moala, in my opinion, was an underutilized asset in the 2021 season. The sturdily built 6’2″ 230lbs center showed a lot of strong running in the limited minutes he got. He broke 12 tackles, had 2 line breaks, and carried for 146 meters. Not bad going on 67 minutes in 4 matches. Those stats just confirmed what was obvious to the eye, that he is a hell of a guy to try to take down.

That’s why it felt like he should have been used earlier in the season. The three other centers all missed significant portions of the season; Fraser and Hearn missed half the matches, and Palamo about a third of them. Yet, the coaches decided to play Roberts-Te Nana out of position and bring in Thomas Morani on a temporary contract rather than give Moala a chance.

Now, he will have to compete with the two returning starters, Doug Fraser and Thretton Palamo, as well as the two draftees, LJ Koi-Larbi and Palema Roberts, and the two new signings, Junior Sa’u and William Talataina. How much Moala will be able to squeeze in to the lineup is an open question.

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