Old Glory Signs Dominique Bailey from Austin

Old Glory has announced the signing of back rower Dominique Bailey, formerly of Austin. Bailey was a significant piece of the AG’s team last year, playing in 12 matches for 747 minutes. He has been noted as a strong defender capable of playing on either the openside of the blindside of the scrum. The 27-year-old Bailey has been considered as an option for the US international team, but has yet to actually break through into the team.

Bailey is one of two flankers announced for 2022, alongside breakout rookie Cory Daniel. He will likely see a significant number of the starts, filling the space left by Mungo Mason and Callum Gibbins. After a career broken up by injuries in Austin, he has likely been lured away by the promise of a new start and a bigger role at Old Glory. Given the need on the team, he should have plenty of opportunity to prove himself.

From a defensive standpoint, Bailey should have a significant positive effect. Old Glory suffered on defense at times last year, especially around the ruck. Some of that was down to injuries and young players, but regardless his defensive prowess should give OGDC a harder edge.

Overall, Bailey makes for an exciting addition to the team and one we will see a lot of next season.

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