Old Glory Adds Rob Irimescu to the 2022 Roster

Old Glory announced the signing of Rob Irimescu, who spent the last two years playing for Rugby United New York. The 25-year-old Penn State grad will be moving to DC for the upcoming season. He’s still something of a fresh player, having played for 148 total minutes in the MLR in 13 matches. However, he seems to be a strong ball carrier and consistent tackler.

Irimescu plays at both hooker and flanker, with the former being his preferred position. Currently, no other hookers have been announced. However, I think it’s reasonable to expect that James King, Max Lum, and Mo Katz will return, while Mike Sosene-Feagai is unlikely to come back. Both King and Lum have seen significant minutes at hooker, while Katz saw a handful of minutes at number eight. Even if Sosene-Feagai doesn’t return, the hooker position is pretty chocked full, assuming everyone else returns.

In the back row, and at flanker in particular, there is a lot more space. With Mason and Gibbins leaving, there’s a lot of playing time to be filled, and not a lot of obvious options. We could see Irimescu play at flanker instead, filling a current hole in the roster. It will be interesting to watch both Irimescu and Mo Katz, since both are hookers who also play in the back row. I suspect that we will see one play primarily a hooker, while the other shifts to the back row ona more permanent basis.

Regardless of what position he ends up playing, it’s good to see another young, up-and-coming player getting an opportunity in DC.

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