Old Glory 2022 Player Signings Tracker

With the team signing players for the 2022 season, it’s once again time for us to bring out the signings tracker. As soon as we hear news of player, whether they’re staying or leaving, we’ll update this tracker.

It’s worth noting that we don’t hear about signings when they actually happen. The deadline for re-signing last year’s players without them becoming free agents has already passed, so anyone who hasn’t been re-signed probably isn’t returning. However, the team likes to spread these announcements out through the offseason, meaning that we likely won’t know everyone who is and isn’t in the team until near the end of the year.

Note: Frequent starters in bold. Players arranged by position and minutes played. Last updated Oct. 12, 2021.

Pos. Name Status
Jamie Dever Questionable
Jack Iscaro Returning
Hannibal Vaivao No news
Hooker Mikey Sosnene-Feagai Questionable
James King No news
Max Lum No news
Mo Katz No news
Steven Longwell Leaving
Dante Lopresti No news
Jack Carroll No news
Will Vakalahi No news
Lock Tevita Naqali No news
Apisai Naikatini No news
Stan South No news
Casey Renaud No news
David Beach No news
Flanker Mungo Mason Leaving
Callum Gibbins Retiring
Cory Daniel No news
Dacoda Worth No news
Nic Mirhashem No news
Matthew Gordon No news
No. 8 Jamason Fa’anana-Schultz Returning
Josh Brown No news
Luke Campbell No news
Scrumhalf Danny Tusitala No news
Danny Thomas No news
Sean Hartig No news
Flyhalf Jason Robertson Leaving
Owen Sheehy No news
Tyler Myles No news
Center Thretton Palamo Returning
Doug Fraser Returning
Ciaran Hearn Retiring
Simi Moala No news
Palema Roberts New Signing
Labi Koi-Larbi New Signing
Renata Roberts-Te Nana No news
Mike Dabulas Returning
Dylan Taikato Simpson No news
Sam Cusano No news
D’Montae Noble No news