MLR Releases 2022 Schedule

Major League Rugby has announced the schedule for the upcoming 2022 season.

There are a number of similarities to last year’s schedule. The League has kept the conference system, dividing up the thirteen teams into the Eastern and Western conferences. Each team will play sixteen total matches, eight at home and eight away. The regular season will be eighteen weeks long, with two bye weeks included per team.

There are also some differences from previous years, most notably the addition of the new expansion team, the Dallas Jackals. Their entrance makes for an awkward imbalance in the conference structure, leading some teams to play three times in the season. It also means that some teams will not have a chance to play each other in the regular season.

The playoffs are also getting a needed shakeup, going from a four teams to six teams. The top team in each conference will get a first round bye, with the second and third teams playing a wildcard match to get into the conference finals. The winners of the conference finals will meet in the championship.

The season will once again start in the first weekend of February, which was the case in 2020. The 2021 season didn’t start until March due to the pandemic.

Old Glory’s schedule

For Old Glory, the schedule is pretty balanced, with their two bye weeks coming in week 6 and week 13. Home matches are evenly spread, with no more than three weeks between home matches and not more than two in a row. The first couple of matches will be on the road, which may mean better weather for the home opener.

The team will play 11 conference matches, three of which will be against the Toronto Arrows. Two of those matches will be on the road for OGDC, who lost twice to the Arrows last year. Old Glory will not play against Seattle or Los Angeles in 2022.

This schedule does not include preseason matches, which are organized outside of the MLR season. Old Glory will likely schedule a couple of matches in January as warmups for the regular season. In the past, they’ve scheduled a combination of amateur and professional teams, including Navy, Rugby ATL, and the Free Jacks.

Old Glory’s 2022 schedule

February 5 Away Rugby ATL
February 12 Away Austin
February 18 Home New England Free Jacks
February 26 Home Toronto Arrows
March 6 Away San Diego Legion
March 20 Home Rugby ATL
March 26 Home NOLA Gold
April 3 Away Rugby United New York
April 9 Away Toronto Arrows
April 15 Home Utah Warriors
April 23 Home Dallas Jackals
May 7 Away New England Free Jacks
May 14 Away NOLA Gold
May 21 Home Houston Sabercats
May 29 Home Rugby United New York
June 5 Away Toronto Arrows

To see the complete schedule, head over to the MLR website.