Jamie Dever Signs Long-Term Contract with London Irish

Jamie Dever, the starting loosehead prop at Old Glory last season, has signed a long-term contract with the London Irish in the English Premiership. Back in August, he joined the team as an medical joker on a temporary contract. Now, the London Irish have decided to make the move permanent, signing him for the remainder of the 2021-2022 season. This is a significant step up for the 28-year-old Irishman, who has played in the MLR since it’s inception.

Due to the overlap in the Premiership and Major League Rugby seasons, we can now conclusively rule out Dever returning to Old Glory DC in 2022. As the starting loosehead prop, he will leave big shoes to fill. Before he joined the team, the scrum was an unmitigated disaster. He, along with Steven Longwell, did a ton to stabilize the set piece and give OGDC a chance at scrum time. Now, with both leaving the team, Old Glory has to find a new pair of starting props.

On the loosehead side, the team will likely lean on Jack Iscaro to take on most of the minutes. Iscaro really found his form towards the end of last season, playing almost 80 minutes in the last two matches. I have no concerns about his readiness to take on the starting role alongside new tighthead Jake Ilnicki.

The real concern is who will be providing the depth on the bench. Only two loosehead props played significant minutes last year, and now one is leaving. That leaves Iscaro as the only loosehead on the roster, an obviously unstainable situation. Expect to see another couple of prop signings before the start of the season.