Why does Glorious Rugby look so different?

By Alistair Kirsch-Poole
Feb 8, 2022 - 12:00pm

Glorious Rugby is suffering a prolonged outage due to a failure of its hosting provider, NexusBytes. The team there has been struggling to keep systems online there in recent weeks, although it has only recently begun affecting our site. As such, Glorious Rugby is completely inaccessible, and while there are backed up copies, they don't include more recently written articles. Hopefully, the servers will come back online in the near future, allowing me to make a full transition of the most recent content off the NexusBytes servers.

Until that happens, I want to continue writing, so I put together a simple website. It's a little plain, but it will do for now. Thanks for your patience as I work through these issues and thank you for reading!