Old Glory has re-signed local firefighter and fan favorite Josh Brown for the 2022 season. Brown has been playing for Old Glory since captaining the exhibition team in 2019. The 33-year-old has been a clear leader for the team, bring a high level of maturity to the forward pack. He has mostly played at number eight for OGDC.

Brown has also been a stabilizing presence on the field. While it's difficult to find space at a position that also has Jamason Fa'anana-Schultz, it's not a coincidence that Brown saw the most minutes of any backup in the forwards. With 443 minutes in 13 matches, Brown was as reliable a backup as you could possibly hope for. His 90% tackle rate was great, and with two tries and an assist, he was solid on attack as well.

It's always good news when Old Glory brings back a solid local player like Josh Brown. The team suffered from a lack of depth in some positions last year, but not at eight. Brown is exactly the sort of player who OGDC should be keeping around to maintain a deep squad.

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