Old Glory has announced that they will be bringing in Marcelo Blanco to be general manager of the team. Blanco comes well qualified, with an extensive 35-year background in finance that includes a stint as the CEO of Deutsche Bank Argentina, serving as Undersecretary of Administration in Argentina's Ministry of Energy, and teaching finance as a professor at Torcuato Di Tella University. He also has a strong connection with rugby, advising several clubs and working as a consultant for Scottish Rugby.

This is a big addition for the team. Blanco will be the first GM in OGDC's history, marking a distinct change in how the team operates. For the first four years of the team's existence, Andrew Douglas wore many hats inside the team, acting as head coach, general manager, and director of rugby. That operated well for some time, but as the team has grown and the competition tightened, the need for more dedicated high-level staff has become apparent.

Blanco will be taking over the front office, and from the roles listed seems to be focused on the backend business rather than the on-field product: ticketing, marketing, grass roots outreach, and media operations. This should provide significant long-term benefit as he can leverage his deep understanding of business and finance as well as his extensive connections to transform Old Glory from a speculative startup to a solid business. He will also remove a weight from the next coach's shoulders, leaving them to focus on winning without the distractions of the rest of the operation.

This is a significant step for Old Glory as a business. We've seen the team struggle to meet some of the challenges they face, whether it be playing far out in Virginia, being unable to provide a tailgating experience, or the limited range of their marketing. With hires like this, they should be able to start addressing those challenges.