Once again dipping into the South American talent pool, Old Glory has signed back rower Alejandro "Alejo" Daireaux to next season's roster. The 26-year-old has yet to debut professionally, but has played for San Isidro Club (SIC) in the top flight of Argentinian amateur club rugby, the URBA Top 13.

Daireaux is the fourth Argentine to join the club for next season, a benefit of new business manager Marcelo Blanco, who we know has been involved with all of these recruitments. He's also the second to join without having an prior professional experience, coming straight out of the amateur club scene, alongside Fermin Martinez. While he lacks professional experience, though, he has played a lot of rugby at an amateur level. He first joined SIC in the 2016/17 season, when he was 21, and has played five total seasons. He started at flanker on the 2019 URBA title-winning team.

Where Daireaux fits in the hierarchy of back rowers at Old Glory is a little unclear. With Jamason Fa'anana-Schultz and Luke Campbell likely to take almost all of the minutes at number 8, Daireaux will probably play as a flanker more often. He will be competing for time with fellow countryman Lautaro Bavarro, as well as confirmed returning players Cory Daniel and Fintan Coleman. With international slots on the roster at a premium, Daireaux may find it hard to get on the rosters unless there are injuries.

As with many of Old Glory's recent signings (Kurt Baker aside), it's difficult to tell upfront what sort of talent we're getting in Daireaux. However, Blanco has called him a great player and commended his passion and work ethic in particular. We won't know truly know what sort of player he is until the season plays out, but that's the joy of sports.

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