Old Glory has announced the re-signing of flanker Dacoda Worth. The recently retired Army sergent has played locally for NOVA rugby, as well as the Univeristy of Indiana and the University of Arizona.

An unexpected star of the 2019 exhibition season, Worth proved his worth (sorry, I had to) and was kept on for the MLR season. However, he has seen fair light usage, with no time on the pitch in 2020 and just over 60 minutes in 3 matches in 2021. However, he did pretty well in the minutes he was given, jumping well in the lineouts and generally looking like he was supposed to be doing.

It will be interesting to see how Worth gets used in this upcoming season. Mungo Mason and Callum Gibbins represented 70% of the minutes at the flanker position, so with neither reprising their roles there is a lot of space to fill. Cory Daniel, Dom Bailey, and Luke Campbell seem most likely to take the starting spots, but it would only take one injury to leave a spot on the bench open. Given his usefulness at the end of last season, we could see more of Worth this season.

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