Old Glory's old faithful at lock Api Naikatini has been suspended for three weeks by the MLR Disciplinary Committee. The 36-year-old was shown a red card eleven minutes into last weekend's match against Houston for an apparent punch thrown in a ruck. Watching the replay back, it did not appear to be an intentional punch, but rather an attempt to catch himself after Mo Katz ran into him from behind. The committee clearly agrees, which is why the infringement was considered to be low-end.

Given that there are just two more matches left in the season, this suspension effectively ends his time on the pitch for OGDC until next year. He will also be suspended for one match wherever he happens to play in the offseason. It's an unfortunate end to a good season for the long-time Old Glory veteran and 2019 MLR champion.

Naikatini's suspension is the fourth to be received by the club in 2022, with Felix Kalapu serving a suspension early this season and Jamason Fa'anana-Schultz currently serving his second of the season. Those four player suspensions are the most of any team this season, although Los Angeles and Houston have also had three players suspended. While Kalapu's suspension was probably overly harsh and unwarranted, there is still clearly a problem with discipline on the team. It is something that will need to be tackled Nate Osborne, or whoever is coaching the team next year.