The re-signing of DC native Jack Iscaro has been announced by Old Glory, making him the fifth confirmed player on the 2022 roster. Iscaro played for Gonzaga High School with fellow teammates Dante Lopresti and Jack Carroll, as well as at UC Berkley, where he won two national championships.

Iscaro was one of a number of young Old Glory players who really came into their own at the end of last season. A much-vaunted prospect, he trained with the Glasgow Warriors before being injured for the 2020 season. He came into 2021 a little rust, having not played in an actual rugby match for two years. However, as one of the only loosehead props on the team, he quickly saw significant minutes on the field. His 14 appearances and 437 minutes were the most of any forward outside of the starters.

He struggled in the scrum at first, with his early season scrummaging not being up to par for the MLR. However, as he settled back into the match rhythm, he improved dramatically. When Dever was injured for the last two matches of 2021, Iscaro put in 75 and 80 minutes performances that saw him hold his own in the scrum and even pick up a try.

Iscaro will be a key part of the the 2022 team. Having two highly-capable props able to take minutes is essential for the depth of the team. I expect Iscaro and Dever to split minutes much more evenly in 2022, assuming that Dever returns. If he doesn't, Iscaro is definitely capable of holding the starting spot.

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