Team GRI Attack Defense
West San Diego Legion 10.5 3.6 7.0
East Toronto Arrows 8.1 3.7 4.4
East NOLA Gold 4.5 2.3 2.2
West Seattle Seawolves 3.7 4.4 -0.7
East RUNY 3.2 -0.2 3.4
East Rugby ATL 1.1 -0.8 1.9
East New England Free Jacks 0.1 1.0 -1.0
East Old Glory DC -1.1 -1.1 0.0
West Utah Warriors -2.9 -0.2 -2.7
West Colorado Raptors -4.4 0.3 -4.8
West Houston Sabercats -7.0 -4.2 -2.8
West Austin Gilgronis -12.9 -8.1 1.9

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The top tier of the MLR solidified last weekend, with San Diego beating NOLA and Toronto beating Atlanta. Toronto especially benefited from a good showing, rising half a point, while the Legion did enough to stay at their lofty heights. Their opponents didn't suffer much in the system despite losing, with Atlanta holding steady and NOLA actually moving fractionally upwards.

In the broad middle class of the league, the Seawolves gained almost a whole point on attack as the system had its confidence restored by their 44 points against the Free Jacks. That was partially offset by their continued slide in defensive performance, however. Speaking of the Free Jacks, they had the biggest slide of the week, down almost a point after being rolled by Seattle.

The two other teams from the East declined slightly for not winning by enough against their Texan opposition. Houston and Austin, meanwhile, both managed to scrape a few tenths of a point off of their significant deficits.

Colorado pulled off a win against the Utah Warriors in what was considered to be a small upset by the GRI. Consequently, the Raptors managed to narrow the gap between themselves and the Warriors, bring them that much closer to a return to the playoffs.

Next Week's Odds

Colorado Raptors 5% 95% Toronto Arrows
NOLA Gold 80% 20% NE Free Jacks
Houston Sabercats 85% 15% Austin Gilgronis
Seattle Seawolves 87% 13% Utah Warriors
Old Glory DC 43% 57% Rugby ATL
San Diego Legion 89% 11% RUNY

Season Odds after Week 4